Google Account without Gmail

I plowed out my email archive from google recently. On the other hands, no alternative could be found against most of google services that I have been using. That's why I had to keep analytics, webmaster tools, and so on. They need to share a certain amount of private information with google, however, asked me a few stuffs required to serve whatever I want to get from them.

One day, I realized that gmail is still active then getting messages from several places where my payment transactions occur. I created gmail as a google account ID at the beginning of google apps subscription. I used it long time as a primary address unconsciously. I also realized that there is "no requirement to keep gmail as a google account ID. yes. I deleted gmail completely as shown below.
More comfortable!
I did not completely quit all the services that I subscribe from Google, however, did the first move.

One of critical data set, the email archive, moved to another independent service provider with email address unchanged. It took nearly several days for me to extract all the email messages from G-mail interface to my workstation. Then, I filled out Google Apps cancellation form as follows. (I realized that I paid more than seven years)


Money saved; no need to get appalled; safer feeling.