Recollection of memory in Okinawa

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It passed nearly two months since my visit to Okinawa. Nothing except serveral scratchings on travel planning and accommodation there (Nago International House) was shown up this blog thereafter, though. Impressions upon my arrival in Okinawa include "peace", "calm", and "zephyr". The peace and calm can go together in terms of life style of Okinawa residents. The zephyr was what I experienced for the first time in my life; the real tropical wind flow touching me on the face all through my stay there. Visitation places were the mixture of historical, cultural, and entertainment basis with the help of ex-JOCV residing there (born in, also). Fortunately, I could escape from forest rainfall chasing me on the verge of rainy season. I will make sure that site photos with comment be ready on this blog soon.