Web neighbors KOV quarterly report (only in Korean, though) Publications
  • Hyok Kim, Building Educational Information Network and Accessing World Wide Internet on Ethiopian Telecommunication Environment, Proceeding of Institute of Educational Research National Conference 2001, Addis Ababa University and USAID, November 2001. [ PDF | PS | PPT ]
  • Master Thesis (only in Korean) Performance Analysis of TCP/IP Data Send/Receive Processing Under UNIX Operating Systems [ PDF | PS | PPT ]
  • H. Kim, H. Sung, and H. Lee Performance Analysis of the TCP/IP Protocol Under UNIX Operating Systems for High Performance Computing and Communications High Performance Computing ASIA '97, Spring, 1997 [ PDF | PS | PPT ]
  • H. Kim, H. Sung, and H. Lee, Performance Analysis and Feasibility Study of a Parallelized TCP/IP Implementation Conf. of Korean Institute of Communication Sciences, Fall, 1996 [ PDF | PS | PPT ]

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