Time Bridge / 타임브릿지

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KINS 타워에서 바라본 타임브릿지. 욜라 럭셔리해 보임. 심심해서 찍어 봤음. 카메라가 좋지 않아 그리고 창문을 통해 찍어서 허접함.

This shot was taken from the south rim of KINS tower. Named, "Time Bridge", got the first rank in real estate (officetel) market by its per-sqaure price. Newspapers as well as periodicals are putting articles with photo shots on headline expressing its record-breaking in price and a little concealed environment. Per-square meter price is allegedly 5,200 thousand Korean Won or over; approximately 5,600 USD. :( You can find more photo shots taken from another sides and angles available in google, naver, and the such.