Diary Bunch

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Diary archive came out to world! I pulled out all the notes from container to check their physical status and to skim over poor scratch in English. Retention was perfect with some blurring by ink from ball-point pen. English writing was, of course, poor in style as well as in its contents. Only one value is that I can recollect clearly what happened those days even though I can not remember several names, places, and their contexts. Oldest archive dates back to year of 1987 when diary keeping was a part of vacation assignment in middle school. At the end of respective notes, there is a stamp affixed by teacher. With the start of high school year, I might initiate voluntary history records. University days were full of complexity toward life planning with intensive endeavor. During my stay in Ethiopia, philosophical thinking induced from life uncertainty covered all pages. That's all. I missed most part of memory since 2001. However, longevity will make enough room for me to drop valuable lines from now on.