ZhangJiaJie 張家界

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Upheaval 0.4 billion years ago formed gorgeous scenery in ZhangJiaJie 張家界, Hunan province, China as shown below.

The place, ZhangJiaJie, is now getting attention for tourism from the world. The number of visitors is in increasing trend every year. In my guess by staying there a week, over 95 percent of travelers are Korean. Korean travellers hit the record every year.

Spectacular panorama is available in most of places around this area and is accessible by convenient transportation systems of bus routes and cableways altogether. The cableways give travelers a chance to experience fascinating view seen in the middle of free space.

The Chinese government designated this area as a National Geopark with a big support from central and regional government. UNESCO also confirmed exceptional and universal value of this site as a scenic and historic interest area on the world heritage list. Exploring new chances for travel as well as protecting it from damages coexists toward tourism promotion and environmental protection. This area is, allegedly, designated as a venue for rafting and related events of 2008 Olympic Games. In other words, youngsters may consider this spot as a center of extreme sports in China. Related facilities are already available and will be usable in the future with appropriate amenities. Travel destinations in or nearby ZhangJiaJie include,

Then, historical routes to understand cultures in Hunan province and the origin of communism in China are open to you in ChangSha area as below! You can drop by on your arrival or on the way to get to ChangSha international airport upon your return. Boarding on ferry at XiangJiang 湘江 (river), bifurcating ChangSha, will be a plus for relaxation at the last night of your travel.
  • LieShiGongYuan (small museum and monuments for communism heroes)烈士公園
  • YueLuShuYuan (institution where Mao Zedong 毛澤東 studied) 岳麓書院
  • HuNanShengBoWuGuan (Hunan provincial museum) 湖南省博物館
Video below shows you a hint how cableway will go with beauty outside. You can snatch photo shots taken during my stay there from these links; link1, link2, link3, link4, and link5. Video clips are at your hand from here, too. Enjoy ZhangJiaJie!