Day start with dawn

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Undergraduate school days (especially, for sophomore) were full of taking challenge and striving against it. Getting up early in the morning shaped daily lifestyle as a part of that challenge. I managed to make it a rule to start a day with fresh air. During the fall as well as winter season in Korea, early start is to break darkness at 6:00 or even at 7:00 sometimes. In other words, I faced dark mornings nearly one third days of a year! Since graduation, then, all through up to now, laziness could be overlooked with the excuse that I am a salary person competing intensively every day and night! I allotted free time slots only for sleeping. :) The photo below was taken near a depot when I waited for the first bus to catch up Japanese class scheduled to start from 6:45. I could feel the same that I had felt at that time! Can I return back to that time?