A cycling along the riverside of Hangang

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Bifurcating fresh air of glorious dawn calm, I started cycling trip from Aunt's to my home. The bicycle handed over from my best friend was not so gorgeous but enough for my trip. Packing, then putting my bag on the back seat mount was the only preparation. Two bottles of green tea bought on the way to home was meal serve to nurture myself. In sum, it took five hours and 40 minutes to cover 35.7km from northern Seoul to center of Gunpo by crossing Hangang.

I took ordinary passenger pavement from Aunt's to northern end of Yeongdong Bridge, then got connected to dedicated road for cycling along Hangang riverside. Headed for east from there to get to Yangjaecheon (one of branch streams of Hangang) I could warm up with highest speed as I could generate along this straight pathway. Yangjaecheon was the starting point of beautiful scenery of wildlife. The sunshine of rising sun in the morning welcomed me. Ducks floating in peace or resting near drainage were animals that I could meet. The road was occupied by cyclists equipped with high technology, runners got dress with functional sportswear, and strollers feeling natures.

At the end point of Yangjaecheon, I had a lunch to pile up energy in my belly :) After taking passenger pavement again from Gwacheon, I could take another cycle road in Anyang. I took a deep breadth to finalize this trip. At that time, my hip severely bruised by a saddle into unendurable pain! Repeating walking and riding unconsciously led me to home thereafter. I was completely exhausted. However, leftovers are photos and videos taken all through itinerary. Peek beauty of Hangang river side from flickr!