Expectations for 2008 (ICCF-Holland)

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"91 children are being sponsored in January 2008. That is six more than last year. This number is stable over the past years: some sponsors start, some drop out. The monthly income is about 1300 euro. Additionally there are quite a few sponsors that pay yearly. Hopefully we will be able to keep the income from sponsors at the same level in 2008. The income from the one-time donations is, considering the incidental nature, hard to predict. Nevertheless, we have seen a steady increase, mostly because new sources of income were found. We cannot predict if this will happen again the coming year."

Above is an excerpt from 2007 financial report of ICCF-Holland showing expectations for year 2008. I added a penny over the last two years (or more) in support of the projects in Uganda and their sustainability. The report marked slight revenue increase in year 2007 from VIM sponsoring and me. :) I could confirm that the project aimed at very low costs and had done it.