Clearing Message Boxes

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Having intended not to put a post on this blog for a while (long while as a result, though), I used to devote myself to another challenging things. The last post dated May 29 remained latest post here. :-D The challenging things were near at an end beginning September. However, I could not completely finalize them since the end of the month. "Decision and focus" policy failed in the long run. "Get all, then manage them" I took.

Breaking the silence today, I updated status of services which I had been involved in. Absence from there led the stacking of messages I did not reply to yet. Feedbacks from friends as well as unknown others were responded gently because they were ignored thoroughly so far. There is something notable upon status updates.

  • Twitter: several became followers who I did not know. I wonder whether I can drop my on-time trace to share with them. Anyway, Twitter should be operational for them. :-D
  • Plaxo: a certain friend's network suggested several job offers with private email. Headhunters tried to reach me. I did not respond, however. I am still alive on a job market as a hunter's prospective prey or bait :-)
  • Linkedin: Colleagues updated their networks with me.
  • YouTube: Channel view marked over 1,500. I realized that my videos were being watched by friends and YouTube folks AT ANY RATE. I can't stop YouTube-ing.
  • Flickr: Several shots became other's favorites. Somebody pulled the naked David shot for his or her blog. Another person requested me to permit the use of one of my toilet shots by courtesy. The shot does not require permission as long as it is used properly against Creative Common License. It may appear on a certain magazine. (I will let you know when available, Dear readers!)
  • nothing special; I just did not do anything.
  • Facebook/Hi5/Tagged: I could not manage them. So so so many messages :-) However, "Get all, then manage them" discipline will work soon.
  • Other services I would rarely visit: no idea yet; delete or do something