The first term Chinese class review (Mandarin)

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Three months beginner's class finished last Friday. Regardless of fluency or literacy, one of the greatest achievement from this term is that I marked only one day absence (make-up class was offered, fortunately) and that I did not skip any home assignment. Such a good student! :-D

Simplified Chinese characters should still come with pinyin typeface to pronounce properly. Simple greetings, basic grammars, and pronunciation with proper toning are at my fingertips. The entire course plan guides me to three more terms (consecutive nine months, too long journey though) to get ready for minimal daily conversation. In other words, I can say, "I just started three months ago. I just got involved as a novice."

I did not put my name on the next term roster to have a kind of break. So many affairs challenging, compelling, obligatory from office to home are awaiting me these days. Furthermore, my brain is inundated with enormous amount of vocabularies from English, Amharic, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. (mother tongue also needs some improvement this moment)

It's high time for me to sink heat on my CPU. I have to forget what I had learned so far to recollect them some day even though this strategy may be adverse to the principle of forgetting curve by Hermann Ebbinghaus. Or, my brain will become walking explosive. :-D