Bye Movable Type Professional Pack (Professional Blog)

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More than five years, Movable Type Professional Pack (Professional Blog Template) kept the position of main theme for with flexibility over multiple column design for PC-based web browsers. The advent of mobile and portable devices triggered the transition to convert existing HTMLs to mobile aware ones. The completion of those small projects made me chuckle with happiness that I attained higher degree or depth in Movable Type manipulation. On the other hands, I should have spent most of time to wrestle with my poor taste in design, templates, and codes instead of putting high quality blog posts.

Recently, I completed migration with the template, called Rainier. It will switch styles dynamically based on types of devices or browsers accessing the blog; No need to keep two types of HTMLs for PC-based or mobile browsers as I did before. All DNS and web server configurations fixed accordingly, such as,,, and so on, not to make search robots grumble.

The last screen shot with professional pack is as follows.