Travelling Okinawa (1st day; memorial route)

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June 28, I swore that I would complete full verision of travel itinerary in Okinawa. Hmm... It is nearly five months since my escape from awamori swimming pool. :) At last, let me sketch something Okinawan starting this scratching.

Upon the pick up by Japanese friend, we visited the Former Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters located in southern part of main land. One of ruins during world war II, but well preserved, showed just tragedy that post war generation including me can and/or may not understand. After a short go-around, we moved to peace memorial museum. (For more information, refer to brochure)

It was a museum keeping typical items, such as miniatures of war fields, photos of war veterans, documentaries of war in live, and so on. However, my intention was to visit memorial stones located along the seashore, in front of it. Names of war victims including around 90 Korean were inscribed to propitiate their souls. God bless all of them!

Facing awamori at dinner was a peculiar experience in drinking life. High rate alcohol volume like whiskey made me drunken but feeling high spirit. Another delight was drinking over fresh seafood with ex-JOCVs in Okinawa!

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