Flavor and refreshment to my life

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I am far away off international society in Ethiopia where I cooperated with so many volunteers, advisors to Ethiopian governmental organizations, NGO staffs from over the world. However, even though I am staying in Korea I have several chances, fortunately, to travel abroad in business and/or for private matters every year. In addition to direct overseas experience above, I can hear something from whoever visited overseas. Of them, returned Korea Overseas Volunteers (KOVs) revisiting where they stayed with a certain purpose, deliver interesting stories all the time. Storied told are heartwarming anecdotes, funny happenings, cultural shocks, mythical allegation, and whatever.

Surprising fact heard from my junior recently was that the Ukraine is one of cognac producers! Cognac in the small bottle next to Ukraine doll is what I received from junior as a souvenir. We had no idea when, why, and how the Ukraine started to produce it. However, further curiosity is non-sense; one bottle of cognac is already at my hand. Something new always makes me open eyes toward all directions across the globe. Whenever I come to know one thing, I can add one more topic in story pool and life memory. Existence of Ukraine cognac can be the latest topic. :)