Her story from Awassa in comparison to mine

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Recollecting what I had done as a Korea Overseas Volunteer (KOV) in Ethiopia, I still wonder what the true volunteerism is. I redefined my volunteerism into "technical cooperation" in the article from KOV category of this blog because spiritual understanding in grass root level was missing. Specifically speaking, I was always busy in preparation of network with cutting edge technology, training materials, reports to the Ministry and KOICA regional office, and any other tangible matters only. At the end of stay in Ethiopia, only thing that I could do was just to keep unforgettable memory with Ethiopian around my residence. If I revisit Ethiopia as a volunteer, I will be able to behave in different way by devoting myself to understanding existing Ethiopian cultures as they are now. However, will my revisit happen? Of course, not! Whenever I read articles from "One Love Theater/Blog", I can imagine what and how the volunteers there are doing in Awassa with the spirits that I should have shared with colleagues from the Ministry of Education in Ethiopia. Look up article from this link!