Wonderful night with wonderful things!

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Snowfall (turned into rain late night, though) welcomed all the employees from Siemens Ltd. Seoul (SLS) at the porch of hotel. Everybody became gregarious with colleagues over beverages and cocktails right before being seated in grand hall. Situated geographically apart from SLS headquarter all through this year, I could have a chance to meet whoever I could not keep in touch.

Dinner was so full of good touch by hotel and organizer that we could enjoy meal serve with delicate flavor represented both in recipe and table arrangement. After going through routinely formal processes like speech, toast, and the like, we could slip down to gorgeous performances rendered by three groups one by one; The first was, so called, sand animation, the second was a capella, and the last one was wind instrument play. Even though I could not understand the delicacy from them in depth, one thing sure was that they made me and all attendees enthusiastic upon their shows. Dance performance prepared by the employees was another big hit.

Lucky draw kept us stalled along the table as it did every year :) As is often the case, my patience turned out to be in vain because nothing happened to me. Several (perhaps more in team or division base) groups of people organized informal party around the venue. This party-after-party ultimately closed Siemens's calendar year.

So, what will await me during the year of 2007 at Siemens? It's up to between me and Siemens, though. What you can do is to share joy of the party with me by browsing photos from here. Enchanting Video clips will be available at your hand upon request. However, I will not post them to abide by copyright tips by YouTube.