Year end in diversity

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Korea Overseas Volunteers Association (KOVA) hosted year end party, named, evening of Korea Overseas Volunteer (KOV) last Saturday.

It is an annual event to welcome successors returned back to Korea this season from overseas where they served as a KOV. Predecessors join together to speak high of their sacrifice as well as to congratulate on safe return with invaluable experience accumulated during their voluntary operations. In this way, the party can give us a great chance to understand diversified cultures one another simply by saying which county they were dispatched to, what they did as a volunteer, how they survived harsh living condition, whoever they collaborated with, and more.

Of course, everybody could feel great joy from the party. In addition to that happiness generated from an ordinary party organization, regional music performances triggered the rise of homesickness to attendance. African music performance out of them (I could not get the synopsis of the dance, the origin of the song, and the theme as a whole, however) aroused remembrance in Ethiopia. Regardless of my feeling based on affinity with African continent, everybody could be absorbed in dynamic and powerful rhythm from the performance. The more exposed to another culture like this, we can expand our life view wider. It's one of virtues of diversity!