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The phrase, [Graduation marks new start], was still thought of as a cliché all through my commencement ceremonies that I had attended five times from elementary school to post graduate study. That cliché touched my heart a little with a certain feeling that I could not feel before upon nephew's elementary school commencement recently.

The ceremony venue was full of teachers, parents, students, and their relatives with loudness as is often the case in ordinary schools. The principal delivered address saying good wishes by enumerating words; new, start, hope, preparation, challenge, and so on. The words just passed by my ears, then. His emphasis on those words by repetition did not give me a strong impression.

During lunch hour after the ceremony, my nephew expressed curiosity toward new environment of middle school. Everybody gathered there cheered him up not to loose self-confidence. The context must be the same even when I graduated from an elementary school. I can not recollect how my graduation was, though.

I came to understand the metaphor of [new start from graduation] at last just from half day attendance as not a student but a guest. However, I don't have a word [graduation] in my dictionary any more at least now and in the future. If so, what else would let me start another era in life?