Hosting movable type in Korea

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Finally, my movable type archive and supporting scripts moved to the US for hosting services in Korea did not meet full requirements in some functionalities to enable movable type itself as well as plug-ins that go with movable type 4.1 now and, probably, with future versions. My installation staying in Korea over the last three years moved around one hosting service to the others upon seasonal updates and upgrades whenever available. Supports for movable type users were extremely limited or out of consideration for hosting service business in most cases.

This is largely due to low popularity of movable type in Korea. On the other hand, it's because movable type runs on perl environment that should be platform independent but would be extra module dependent in effect. Core problem came from the fact that most hosting providers would not want themselves to install those extra modules for fear of making their system unstable or going malfunction.

I just gave up negotiating with service providers in Korea to claim to increase quality of service in technical standpoint for movable type. Now, SA certified hosting provider in the US where I am delivers high quality of service to meet system requirement of movable type in perfect. Swift response like flashlight is a plus why I migrated from Korea even at the cost of network response lagging over the Pacific Ocean.