The departure

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Paying a visit to 70th anniversary of one of relatives made me recollect when I departed for Ethiopia at Gimpo International Airport in 1999 immediately after local orientation training as a Korea Overseas Volunteer. That's because the party venue was one of restaurants at the international passenger terminal complex of that airport.

The return flight in the year of 2001 from Bole International Airport was headed for Incheon International Airport, newly constructed for high flight control capacity and with tidy premises. Gimpo International Airport, thereafter, played a role as port of only Gimpo-Haneda route or other special flights as an international airport. In the meanwhile, my itineraries for overseas trips were mostly limited to Incheon-somewhere so far.

Anyway, it elapsed nearly ten years since the departure for Ethiopia. I could again feel the inspiration that I felt as a volunteer when I repeated to look back Mother and relatives on faces shedding in front of passport check desk at THAT departure gate on the photo. Time is flying, huh?