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This is an obituary of my beloved fishes to whoever loved them at personal visit to my home and from photo shots in flickr archive. Now, I have ONLY THREE black tetras. They sheltered in a small water tank after an emergency rescue from where they lived long ago. Others passed away. :(

Recently, I recognized that several fishes went inviable in their motion to catch preys and feeds. Dripping several shots of antibacterial liquid was everything that I had done because it had worked well on the same symptom before. One morning after a couple of days, corpses were floating beneath water surface. I came up with the fact that I had forgotten to wash the tank and fill fresh water so long time.

It was absolutely my fault not to clean the tank while most of the deceased had lived longer than their known longevity of three years. On the other hand, there is no doubt that the survived also pass away within one year or so regardless of my sincere care. However, the only and very thing that I have to do is still to deliver utmost affection for them.