A hell of English learning

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English, one of the world official languages, makes entire private educational sector in Korea anomalous in its form and way of instruction. Vague uncertainties from parents as well as strategic boost by spreading such an uncertainty from cram schools guarantee high profit in their business and dramatic growth in market size. Initially, English cram schools business was just for complementary purpose against public English classes at middle school or high school. As of today, cram school attendants range from pre-school child to university students. There are also specially designed courses aiming at high scores toward TOEFL, TOEIC, or other English tests. It's not strange any more that elementary school students attend TOEFL courses after school.

One day, I could encounter one extreme form of English learning in Korea; learning Taekwondo in English as shown below! I wonder that this form of instruction makes sense in Taekwondo or English learning standpoint. This country is a hell of English learning. :(