Ethiopian Flavor

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Korean usually complains the decrease of appetite from excessive sodium loss by sweat and after exhaustion of physical power in struggle against hot weather during summer season. Simple solution to revive appetite is to visit restaurants serving spicy and/or cool food. Enjoying home made recipe like "seaweed and vinegar over cold water" will be another way.

In search for memory how I sustained during dry season in Addis Ababa (not so hot as you imagine, though; refer to this link), I could enumerate what I usually chose for lunch and dinner to stimulate appetite. Then I revisited Ethiopian cuisine pages from Wikipedia and my bookmarks reminding me of real shape, color, odor, and taste. However, I can't prepare Ethiopian style dinner table at home now because several core ingredients are not available in Korea.

We call this situation, "A pancake in a picture" :-) The photo below is to show you how much I enjoyed Ethiopian food.