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Life is, I think, the trace of facing something bad, good, wrong, or whatever in series or parallel day by day. Today, my fault made something spoiled in vain. I could expect difficulties in accomplishing it, however, never imagined the failure I faced in the morning. Pretending as if I were calm all through today, I revisited the point where critical fault in decision making happened one month ago. I came to admit my fault logically for sure. As clear as glass!

To be fair, I've got a message from a Japanese friend, saying that he was on business in Seoul, after a long interval since the last meeting a year ago. He is about to return back to Japan tomorrow. I just dropped reply with all my heart because I had an appointment tonight. Then, I've got a call from a friend, high school alumni, saying good news that he attained a supply contract with one of major information service providers in Korea. It was in six months that I received a call from him!

One bad thing and two pieces of good news balanced one another. This is life :)