Year 2008 Summaries

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Let me summarize what I have done in 2008 to reflect what I have done well or wrongly, expect this year's outcome based on this reflection, and feed myself back toward additional and continual challenges which I will devote myself to this year. I might miss several events or happening to put on this post, though. I don't care because here is blog space where I can show whatever as they are. Let me make up those missing items next time or mention them in connection with future 2009's blog posts!

Well done

Japanese learning: I completed six months beginner's dialog courses beginning Japanese character writing in Hiragana and Katakana. I marked attendance ratio by 100%. Monthly step wise test scores marked high (sometimes great!) enough for me to move on to the next grade. I failed in accomplishing seventh class owing to yearend drinking session and personal affairs. However, I came to know how and what to study next. I've just got back from Japanese Chinese character lecture (Kanji). Good student, Hyok!

Blogging: Settlement in March enabled stable operations in running Movable Type with satisfactory quality of service that I wanted from a web hosting service. I got accustomed to manipulating movable type at my disposal. Apart from technical attainment for blogging, I posted 80 articles on this blog with topics ranging from blogging, voluntary services, donations, almanac to trace back important events in the future, meditations, and so on. In sum, stability made me concentrate on article contents itself without time consuming relocation from one hosting service to the others.

Office affairs: Insight, logical thinking, how to make a decision, how to assist manager's decision as a reporter; these are what I attained and got to understand as a company employee as well as a quality assurance engineer in practice not in theory. I will not leave more about this matter because disclosing details on what I have done 2008 at office can be violation of information security guideline at Siemens :-) Anyway, well done, too!

Friendship: There was no dramatic advance in the number of friends that I kept in touch with. My mobile phone now holds nearly 150 phone numbers with around 30 frequent contacts. Adding, modifying, and deleting contact information all through 2008 finally ended with that figure showing the same status in 2007. We say, "Making a foe is easy, however, keeping friendship is far more difficult." In this regard, I succeeded in doing so at the high expense of drinking day time after trekking and night time after work! :-)

Failure, undone, and/or done wrongly

Exams and tests: I marked worst grades and lower points in tests and examinations than I expected while preparation. I have nothing to excuse about the result though I have something. Let me take them as they were. Test is a glass clear transparent to all takers at test date; whoever got a good luck in marking only correct answers from random picking, whoever outperformed without in-depth preparation, whoever suffered from lower health condition even with fullest knowledge, and whoever.

Book keeping: Beginning 2008, one of my resolutions was to keep a book to make cash flows visible and tangible. However, I DID NOT (not "could not") with two excuses; one was because I was lazy (a little understandable) and other was because I could not find appropriate electronic double entry booking application (nerdy am I). GNU cash is now available at my hand. It's clear what I have to do in 2009.

Diary keeping: It's also from my laziness. The last diary article appeared at September 16. I have nothing more to say about this.

Roadmap establishment: Regardless of this summary of 2008, this is never ending task while I am alive. At this moment, I have no direction to approach, no clear picture about who I am and what I have (not financial meaning but potential standpoint), and no roadmap toward my future life as a result. The roadmap that I had established upon university entry made me who I was as of 2002 when I joined Siemens whereas there had been so many successes and failures altogether against short term plans in the middle of chasing the clear ward. Who I am and what I have now are, of course, dramatically far from what I had imagined. Nevertheless, that roadmap always played a critical role and mirror in spurring me whenever I became lazy and gauging whether I was deviated from proper track or not. What shall I have to follow this year? :-(